Support Us to Support our Athletes

Competing in Championship Sports Is Our Mission

 One of our primary missions is to provide options for Jamaican athletes to compete in a wider range of championship sports on Olympic and global levels. This will offer some opportunities for economic development, while enriching the lives of young people and adults of all abilities. Our other goals include:

Creating a World-Class Training Center

Besides providing a world-class regatta center in Jamaica, Kingston Aquatics Sports Centre is determined to create a sporting environment that everyone can enjoy. We have created innovative plans for growth, giving Jamaican athletes the opportunity to succeed and thrive.

Dedicating Ourselves to the Community

Being a part of the community is important to us, so we plan to support, sponsor, and host area events whenever possible. Our hope is that by using the facility, our members will gain an enhanced appreciation of aquatic sports and fitness.

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Manufacturing Water Vessels

We intend to manufacture water vessels for use at our facility as well as taking advantage of watercraft donations. About 80% of Jamaica’s infrastructure and population is within 8 kilometers of the Caribbean Sea, providing an extensive, natural practice area for activities taught at our center. We also plan to provide equipment for startup clubs around the island.

Creating a Bright Future for Aquatic Sports In Jamaica

At Kingston Aquatics Sports Centre, we believe there is a strong connection between economic and social development ; and the need to invest in different initiatives that will promote sustained economic regeneration. Sports and sports tourism are proven avenues to this process.

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Our Objectives

Rowing, skiff sailing, and other non-motorized aquatic sports are popular tourism events throughout the world. However, these are untapped markets in Jamaica and the English-speaking Caribbean that we want to capitalize on. The innovative minds at our New York City office have developed a growth-based business plan through which we hope to achieve the following objectives:

• Sell 685 memberships in year one, with 1,700 by the end of year two, and 3,720 by the end of year three across all sporting activities

• Build all the water vessels that are used at the facility to help strengthen the Jamaican manufacturing sector, and start a new sector that will be in demand for years to come by creating new rowing, kayaking, and sailing clubs throughout the island which would in turn create demand for the vessels produced

• Support national representatives in each discipline with training, infrastructure, and nutritional requirement needs at no cost

• Host regional and international sporting events

• Provide educational opportunities through scholarships to students in local and overseas universities

• Support local businesses that serve the above operations. For example, local food growers could supply the catering outlets