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About Us

Kingston Aquatic Sports Centre is focused on emphasizing opportunities through sports and sports tourism in Jamaica. As our complex grows, we hope to become the Caribbean’s premier aquatic sports center, introducing young athletes to the thrill of rowing, skiff sailing, kayaking, canoeing, dragon boat racing and more.

Keys To Success

Our success depends on our ability to market effectively and create an atmosphere where people want to be. We also will hire certified and knowledgeable staff to run our programs and regattas.

About Our Founder

Our organization’s Executive Director Leon McNeil, was one of Jamaica’s first international rowers, and has since become the technical director for rowing in Jamaica and the president of the Jamaica Canoe Federation. After leaving competitive rowing, he became a professional architect. Today, he has made it his goal to help other athletes like himself participate in water sports. He is the creative mind behind our facility, and is developing the design for the complex

Our Supporters

Kingston Aquatic Centre has many supporters on the Island and across the globe.  Most notably the centre’s Brand Ambassador Tony Greyson-Newman, a Jamaican kayak athlete based in Great Britain who is passionate about representing Jamaica in the sport and together with Leon McNeil is working tirelessly to develop the Aquatics Centre and promote the sport on the Island.   Currently Tony is working with Leon to plan a fund raising event in February 2017, where Tony will kayak along 14 rivers, 1 in each parish, over 14 days, to help raise money for the Aquatics Centre and Jamaica Canoe Federation

People in Kayak


We are looking for three types of donations: Equipment, expertise, and money, the latter of which will be used for infrastructure. Individuals who compete for Jamaica in these sports, we will provide all infrastructural training free of cost. The equipment will be used to train and create opportunities for everyone, including the physically challenged. We are looking for cash to buy food, additional equipment, marketing, and more.


We are also seeking volunteers to help with our cause. To participate, simply reach out to a member of our team and we will discuss our goals and needs with you.


We are selling t-shirts and caps with our branded logo. Our memorabilia comes in small, medium, and large, as well as in various colors.