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One of our goals is to bring championship sporting events to Jamaica, which in turn will boost sports tourism. By hosting regattas and similar athletic-focused opportunities, we will help athletes of all ages and abilities to unleash their potential.

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Bringing more non-motorized aquatic sports to Jamaica will provide numerous educational opportunities. Sports such as rowing, kayaking, canoeing, dragon boat racing and skiff sailing are popular water sports in other countries, but is an untapped market within the English speaking Caribbean. Learn more about our short and long-term objectives.


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Kingston Aquatics Sports Centre is a not-for-profit sports and fitness complex under development in Jamaica to create opportunities through progression, innovation, and creativity. Our center will help young athletes realize their potential, while promoting economic and cultural upgrade through sports-based growth.

Our founder Leon McNeil represented Jamaica as a rower, one of the first in to do so. After the 2008 Olympics, he realized that Jamaicans were missing out on many of the opportunities presented by aquatic sports. Countries like Canada, Great Britain, and the United States have benefited massively by capitalizing on such events by investing in the infrastructure to support and develop these sports. We hope to help Jamaica achieve or surpass similar goals.

We maintain an international presence through our offices in New York City, London and Kingston to help Jamaica develop a stronger presence in the worldwide sports travel market. Athletes of all ages and ability, can come to our sports complex and participate in activities such as rowing, kayaking, canoeing, dragon boat racing and skiff sailing in its various forms. As our operation grows, we will begin hosting regional and international events, putting Jamaica on the map for aquatic athletics.

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